Transform Your Refrigerant Recovery Process

Is ensuring minimal system downtime a key objective for your customers? Is a retrofit programme affecting your daily business operations? Are you wasting your engineers' specialist skills? 

Why not streamline your processes by utilising our onsite refrigerant recovery service and save valuable time, reduce costs and maintain business as usual.

Reclaim with Confidence FAQ

    Our F-Gas Certified engineers work according to the laws and regulations. Our electronic job site reports provide real time and accurate documentation, giving compliant reporting solutions.

  • A-Gas RR 10x faster


    Utilising state-of-the art, custom built recovery equipment, the Rapid Recovery team provides a recovery solution 10 times faster than traditional methods.

  • Supermarket job A-Gas Rapid Recovery


    Utilise Rapid Recovery to keep retrofit costs down and maintain Business as Usual, ensuring customer satisfaction at all time. Reduce costs by removing the need for refrigerant disposal and choose reclamation as an alternative.

  • Rapid Recovery Engineer


    Leave the recovery to us - our team of F-Gas certified experts can take care of the process from start to finish, leaving your engineers to utilise their skills elsewhere.


    With hoses longer than 80 metres and equipment independent of services like electricity and water, we are guaranteed to have a solution for you.

  • Is A-Gas Rapid Recovery the solution for you?

    Speak to a member of the team today.

  • Refrigerant recovery occurs directly from the unit(s) that you need to service. We come to your customer’s location as a cost-effective solution.

  • We work around you. We’ll work to your schedule, at your job site. Our dedicated team is available around the clock, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

  • Our equipment and technique combine to bring unmatched, on-site recovery speeds to your projects.

    Our streamlined approach and technology will reduce your system downtime and free up more of your engineers’ time.

  • All refrigerant we recover is documented in accordance with F-Gas Regulations. Don’t risk the liability of having improper documentation.

    When A-Gas Rapid Recovery performs your jobsite recovery, we stand between you and F-Gas and assume the responsibility and liability.

    In addition to F-Gas requirements, A-Gas Rapid Recovery operates to A-Gas' strict policy of Zero Harm. It's our responsibility to provide you with a safe, compliant solution. 

  • Fill out the “Request Information” form and a local A-Gas Rapid Recovery representative will call you to discuss your requirements and schedule your service.

    One of our certified, highly trained engineers will arrive on-site, at a time that fits with your schedule. We will come prepared with all the equipment needed, requiring no on-site services.

    Our engineers will recover your refrigerant with our fully CE compliant, electric or petrol powered recovery equipment. Saving you valuable time by reducing equipment downtime, we guarantee safe and efficient recovery and disposal.

    We document everything. Our documentation includes make, model and serial number for each unit we recover, refrigerant type(s) and refrigerant weight removed. You will receive a digital copy of the job sheet and F-Gas report shortly after the job is complete.

    We are here for you and your customers through every stage of the process. Our dedicated team of experts are on hand should you have any queries.

    Transform the way your business manages refrigerant recovery today. Fill out the form to the right to get your free job proposal.

Off-Site Recovery
Being environmentally responsible is paramount! Talk to A-Gas about managing your decommissioned Halon and other Clean Agents.

Off-Site Recovery

With over 20 years of experience in recovery of Halon 1301, our Bowling Green, Ohio facility offers the most effective global reprocessing of used Halon. 

  • A‑Gas has expertise in import and export requirements across the globe. This is critical for international shipping. 
  • System gases are recovered using bespoke equipment.
  • Reclamation is the method by which recovered gases (CFC’s, HCFC’s, HFC’s and Halon) are processed through a proprietary system to remove impurities.
  • It restores the products to a condition that meets or exceeds AHRI and ASTM industry standards.
  • It is the best environmental outcome as it minimises the need for incineration, reduces potential emissions and keeps ‘critical’ users supplied around the globe.
  • All system gases can be safely and completely recovered on-site.
  • Ability to handle a wide range of gases including Halon, ODS and GWP gases.
  • A‑Gas provides the best environmental solutions under the Montreal Protocol.