Our People

A-Gas Rapid Recovery is made up of a dedicated group of engineers who strive to provide you with high-quality refrigerant recovery solutions. Our people and our philosophy are all designed to serve you and your customers’ best interests.

  • Every member of our team, regardless of previous experience, is trained through an intensive in the class room and on the job training programme.

    Each engineer is taught to focus on our customer’s needs first, followed by immense technical training in the safe recovery of a multitude system designs and refrigerants. During training, we explore everything from small appliances to industrial process equipment. When completed, our people are proficient in working with low-pressure chillers and medium pressure systems of all kinds. We continue to train our team to ensure we are ready to meet your needs as new refrigerants and technologies come to market.

    During training our engineers are taught the A-Gas way, we adhere to a policy of Zero Harm when it comes to safety. Safety is central to our business and all of A-Gas' operations.

  • Our field engineers have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. That knowledge translates into valuable time and cost savings for our customers. 

    Specific major categories of unit type knowledge include:

    Small to Industrial
    Small Appliances Large Built-Up Systems
    Residential A/C Systems Low Pressure Chillers
    Package RTUs Medium Pressure Chillers
    Large RTUs Cascade Systems
    Refrigeration Packs Cryogenic Freezers
    Condenser / Tower Changeouts  


  • Every engineer in our organisation is professionally uniformed and equipped with all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Our standard PPE package includes: hearing protection, safety glasses, steel toe capped boots, gloves, hard hat, safety vest and fall protection equipment (harness and lanyard) where necessary.

  • All of our engineers are F-Gas certified and have extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations of refrigerant recovery and handling. In fact, every engineer, regardless of previous certification status, is required to retest and recertify while in our training program.

    With our extensive experience, we can guarantee you are fully compliant and will document the entire process to give you peace of mind. 

  • Our engineers will be fully equipped with the tools they need to undertake their jobs safely and efficiently. When on your job site, we will abide by all health and safety requirements and we never compromise on the A-Gas standards of safety.

    All of our engineers are F-Gas certified and are highly skilled and trained to identify hazards and follow safe working practices at all times. 

    Safety Culture