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12 July 2018

Shortlist Announced for RAC Cooling Awards 2018

A-Gas is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted in multiple categories for the upcoming RAC Cooling Awards 2018.

The cooling industry is under growing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change; the Cooling Awards recognise innovation and dedication by industry members who are actively contributing to this objective.  

A-Gas is nominated in the following categories:

Low Carbon Achievement

With a focus on recognising innovation and best practice in significantly reducing the output of carbon, A-Gas’ entry, “Refrigeration Separation for the Future of Our Industry”, focuses on how our reclamation capability helps reduce carbon emissions in more ways than one.

Environmental Collaboration

This category recognises partnerships where collaboration has resulted in innovation and showcases outstanding projects.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery, City and FSW have been nominated for this award. The collaborative entry, “Working Together for a Speedy Recovery” focuses on how this partnership resulted in a well-known supermarket efficiently moving to a low GWP refrigerant.

Refrigerant Innovation (Components, Peripherals and Processes) 
This award celebrates cutting-edge products where new technology has led to an innovative and definitive change to existing techniques.

A-Gas’ entry, “Refrigeration Separation for the Future of Our Industry” focuses on how our next generation reclamation technology has been designed to maintain refrigerant supply during times of uncertainty.

The awards, first introduced in 2004, will be held on the 26th September in London and promises to bring together over 500 industry members to recognise the cooling industry’s environmental achievements and commitment to innovation.

View the full shortlist for the 2018 awards here.