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23 April 2020

A-Gas Rapid Recovery’s Key Role at Hospital

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the health service is working way beyond normal capacity, and to keep cooling systems running maintenance and system upgrades must continue to take place. A-Gas Rapid Recovery completed a job at a hospital maternity unit three weeks into the Coronavirus lockdown. This involved the removal of high GWP refrigerants R422D and R407C from a redundant air conditioning system and the installation of a more efficient new chiller system.

The ease with which the refrigerants were removed from two redundant chillers on the sixth floor of the hospital block was made possible by the mobile A-Gas Rapid Recovery unit which could be moved up and down the building. All the equipment could be transported in a lift and this allowed the recovery team to complete the job in an impressive four hours.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery Engineer, Richie Crane, said that the work was undertaken under the social distancing restrictions in place at the time, “There were strict rules and workers on-site had to stay two metres apart from each other,” he explained, “I was also wearing personal protective equipment supplied by A-Gas.”

The maternity unit remained open during the work – part of a larger project to introduce a new air conditioning system to this key department of the hospital.

Time is of the essence for refrigeration contractors and tools that make the job easier and quicken the process are valuable. The A-Gas Rapid Recovery, F-Gas compliant on-site recovery service, is a good example of how having the right equipment can make a real difference where it matters.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery has been on the UK market since 2017 and in that time has recovered refrigerants from hundreds of systems nationwide. This has helped customers switch from high GWP refrigerants to low GWP alternatives. 

The current phase down of high GWP HFCs means that refrigerant recovery has never been more important. Since the beginning of the year, HFC refrigerants with a GWP greater than 2500 have been banned from use to service or refill cooling systems with a refrigerant charge of 40 tonnes of CO2 or more.

This equates to 10.2 kgs of R404A. Smaller and hermetically sealed systems are unaffected by the ban. With major refrigerant suppliers unwilling to sell virgin R404A, the need to re-use this legacy refrigerant is growing. A-Gas is working hard to extend its range of reclaimed gases to customers at a time when it makes sense to re-use what we already have.

Refrigerant sent to A-Gas reprocessing centres becomes fully reclaimed product and is returned to the market in line with the AHRI 700 standard. At Portbury near Bristol and Eygelshoven in Holland, used refrigerant undergoes chemical analysis, is cleaned of contaminants and goes through our separation plant to produce a product that matches that of virgin refrigerant requirements.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery provides recovery services to a wide range of industries, including refrigeration, HVAC, demolition and marine. The Rapid Recovery team will take care of all aspects of the work, from start to finish, including the hazardous waste documentation and job site reporting.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery has a network of recovery vehicles and engineers in place to give refrigeration contractors national coverage and this is available to go on site at short notice to handle jobs of all sizes.At the maternity unit, the 180 kgs of refrigerant removed by Rapid Recovery from the plant room was returned to A-Gas, allowing the refrigeration contractor more time to get on with other important aspects of the installation and in turn reducing the time needed to complete the entire job.

Find out how A-Gas Rapid Recovery can transform your recovery process. Get in touch with the team today.