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Case Study
15 June 2020

A-Gas Rapid Recovery Completes Job at Football Stadium

A-Gas Rapid Recovery Sales and Service Engineer, Richard Crane, explains how the recovery of refrigerant at a football stadium was completed quickly and efficiently.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery has completed a prestigious job at a large football stadium in the UK. In a compressor update for two Daikin VRF air conditioning systems at the stadium in London, the A-Gas Rapid Recovery team removed 99 kilos of R410A in an impressive 1 hour 30 minutes.

Refrigerant recovery plays a key role in the F-Gas regulation step-downs as the industry looks to reduce its reliance on virgin refrigerants. A-Gas Rapid Recovery is the quick and easy way to recover refrigerants. This bespoke service is F-Gas compliant with very high recovery rates – many times faster than traditional recovery units.

At the football stadium, the VRF air conditioning systems are used to cool and heat luxury hospitality boxes overlooking the pitch. After the old refrigerant was removed, both systems were recharged with R410A.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery completed the work in good time and this allowed the contractor to get on with other aspects of the compressor upgrade. Without the help of the A-Gas Rapid Recovery team it would normally take an engineer all day to reclaim that amount of refrigerant.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery takes care of all aspects of the job including bringing cylinders onsite to reclaim the old gas and handling the waste recovery paperwork.

We take the recovered gas away with us when we leave. If it is suitable for reclaim it can be cleaned and used again on the market. This highlights how the industry can make a difference by reducing the amount of virgin product in use.

Refrigerant sent to A-Gas reprocessing centres becomes fully reclaimed product and is returned to the market in line with the AHRI 700 standard. At Portbury near Bristol and Eygelshoven in Holland, used refrigerant undergoes chemical analysis, it is cleaned of contaminants and goes through a separation plant to produce a product that matches that of virgin refrigerant requirements.

A-Gas acquired Rapid Recovery in 2016 and since then it has recovered refrigerants from hundreds of systems across the globe – helping customers switch from high GWP refrigerants to low GWP alternatives. 

Networks of recovery vehicles and engineers are available to go on site at short notice to handle jobs of all sizes. The equipment is independent of services like power, is portable and with long hoses it can reach RAC units in the most difficult places.

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