Refrigerant Retrofits

We provide the fastest refrigeration recovery options to reduce down time and overall retrofit impact on your business. We’ll work side by side with your contractor to efficiently manage and execute the refrigerant recovery process during the retrofit. From planning to execution to follow up, we handle the details of the recovery so you don’t have to.

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A‑Gas Rapid Recovery utilises our specifically designed, self- powered,  high speed recovery machine, which is independent of site power supply. Linked with customised cylinders designed to complement the recovery processes we utilise.

Our trained technicians will Rapidly Recover the refrigerant from your installation whether it is a supermarket pack or an Air Conditioning system on the roof.

All of our equipment has been subjected to the rigours of the AHRI certification process. We never compromise safety for speed and have engineered our machines to ensure the safety of our operators and your site at all times.