This year’s equivalent CO2 emissions (and counting)

  • So far we have saved:

    47,000,736,521 lbs/CO2
  • Which is:

    21,319,158 metric tons/CO2

In 2016, we recovered the carbon equivalent of over 7 billion pounds! That’s a LOT!

To make 7 billion more comprehensible, think of it this way: The average American household has a carbon footprint of 41,900 pounds per year. With your help, we kept the carbon footprint equivalent of more than 167,064 households from reaching the atmosphere last year alone. Or, maybe you prefer automobile analogies. The staggering 7 billion pounds of CO2 is the equivalent of more than 667,684 cars driving for a year.


Rapid Recovery would like to thank all of the companies who utilize our services. By allowing us to recover your used refrigerant, your responsible actions help to reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. Our combined efforts amounted to the total emissions of more than 122 entire countries. WOW!

The enormity of our combined impact is a testament to your continued dedication to the proper recovery of refrigerants. We appreciate your business and your partnership with us to reduce the world’s carbon emissions.

We look forward to meeting all of your refrigerant recovery needs well into the future.

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