Arctick Compliance

Knowing and understanding current laws and regulations is challenging for anyone handling refrigerant. A-Gas Rapid Recovery was built around the need for contractor compliance. The laws imposed on our industry create significant challenges. With knowledge of the rules and regulations we can help bring you out of violation and into compliance. A-Gas Rapid Recovery utilises both Arctick certified engineers and bespoke recovery equipment to meet the needs of you and your customers. All refrigerant we recover is tracked to meet governmental regulations, and documented for you. Our people, our equipment, and our philosophy are all designed to help your customer understand that you are focused on their best interests.



A-Gas Rapid Recovery provides all the required documentation for your records. All refrigerant we recover will be tracked and documented.

Are you at ease with your record keeping? Are your technicians consistently and accurately recording all required information for each unit at each job? Is that information then correctly catalogued and filed for quick access when required? When A-Gas Rapid Recovery is involved in your projects you will be at ease in the knowledge that we are handling your regulatory compliance.

Certified Equipment

A‑Gas Rapid Recovery utilises an incredibly high speed recovery machine, which is independent of site power supply. To meet the compliance needs of our customers our equipment has been custom designed to be as fast as possible and at the same time has been subjected to the rigours of the AHRI certification process. We never compromise safety for speed and have engineered our machines to ensure the safety of our operators at all times.

Certified Technicians


A-Gas Rapid Recovery utilise only high quality personnel, all our technicians are universally certified to meet your every recovery need.

Our engineers will always impress. They are uniformed and are ready to help make every project a pleasure. Our vehicles are high quality – professional machines, and our equipment will impress anyone with its abilities.

Refrigerant Tracking

How good are your engineers at recording the amount of refrigerant they recovered from a unit? A-Gas Rapid Recovery specialises in Arctick compliance. We understand that your engineers would rather be “working” than filling out paperwork. We also know that Arctick requires all refrigerant that your company is involved with is properly documented. All refrigerant that A-Gas Rapid Recovery handles will be properly tracked and documented for you.